1 room apartment in Grigorescu

Unavailable. Grigorescu is one of Cluj best neighbourhoods with very good public transportation, lots of parks and a great walkway along Somes river. The apartment is a cozy place for people with high standards of leaving. The great colors and the balcony are extras that will make you feel one hundred percent sure that this is the perfect rent for you. Call 0744595027!

1 room apartment in Plopilor


This apartment is at the first floor of a new block of flats, finished in 2006. It has a very large room and a completly separated chitchen. The great advantage of the apartment is a great terrase of 13 square meters, like an own yard. Very close to Olimpic Pool, Babes Park and public transportation, this apartment is a perfect match if you are looking for something confortable in a great neighbourhood. For more details, please call 0744595027.

2 rooms apartment in Andrei Muresanu

Unavailable Situated in a great location, this apartment is in a new 4 apartments building finished in 2006. At only 3 minutes from Calea Turzii, this apartment is a great nest for a couple or for singles. It offers intimity, is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. To reach the owner please dial 0744595027.